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Maggie the office art dog

I have been watching Art Race, a Sky Arts programme, and really enjoyed the work done by Kenny Harris. He inspired me to get out my cartridge pen and play with the ink and water thing again. It is so much more restrictive than watercolour and it doesn’t allow for errors much. Ok, so not good if you like to get things perfect but great for making you commit to what you put on the paper.
I think it is a great excercise for speeding up and honing your drawing. The addition of water softens the hardness of the ink but it is very easy to overwork.

Art Race info is at http://www.skyarts.co.uk/art-design/article/art-race/


It’s all gone a bit Seagull…

I couldn’t help it. I was on honeymoon an there were so many Seagulls. I just love them. I know many pople view them as pests but heck they are great. So, I took a lot of photos and a few of them are painting potential and out came the water colours. I could have been typing tonight bit I was painting instead and the resulting Seagull, affectionately known as Sid, will appear soon. Till then…