Over the last 15 years I have enjoyed a varied art based career, it’s been hard work but it’s been great.

It has included…

– Illustrating for the national magazines Horse&Rider and Pony
– Being a specialist arts worker for Surrey Youth Servies
– Supplying arts programmes to educational organisations
– Creating artwork for a number of bands and musicians
– Designing corporate identity and promotional material

Graphics with an artists eye is how I would describe what I do and I have been told I have a knack for getting inside what the client wants.
I work mostly via email and phone, communicating effectively, meaning you never have to actually meet me, unless of course you would like to.

Clients have included Ceroc Surrey, DJ Murphy Publishers Ltd, TW Media Ltd, Little Oak Group, Surrey County Council, Opus Studios, Beats Working, Soulutions, RBC Gospel Choir and Surrey Wildlife Trust.

Likes: A challenge, animals (especially dogs), chocolate, dance, my family (most of the time), being creative and new ways of working. I run on Diet Coke much the same as cars run on fuel…

Dislikes: Prawns and gluten (more to the point, it doesn’t like me).

PONY magazine spread

PONY magazine double page spread

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