It’s the eye that’s important.


Watching The Art of Survival on the on demand tonight and looking at Johans portraits I was reminded how important it is to focus on the eye. We are naturally programmed to look at the eye, the window to the soul. I always say that in an animal portrait that if the eye is right the rest will follow.

I often focus on fitting everything into the space rather than individual elements when trying to draw people. By focusing on the eye and then letting the image grow from there I got a much better result when doing the above image of my hubby. Lesson for the day – the importance of the eye.

About lisabutlerart

Lisa Benson (was Butler - hence the name) is who I am and I create graphic design and original artwork. I started out as a portrait artist, more through demand than anything, and as graphics became more and more accessible it seemed natural to include that in what I do. View all posts by lisabutlerart

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