The man in the moon

I thought it might be interesting to put up an example of a sketch that was later turned into a vector image.  This sketch was simplified from an earlier idea so that it just left me with ‘the man in the moon’ that we all know of from childhood stories.
Man in the Moon and Lady Lunar

Moon Man and Lady

Man in the Moon

Man in the Moon

Man in the moon final fianl image

Man in the moon final image

The final image, although a simple image, is a vector image.  What is a vector image? A vector image is made up of points that are plotted mathematically. The image can be enlarged to any size as it is a set of instructions rather than a set of pixels.  Pixel images – what you get from your camera for example – are images made up of a series of dots.  Ok there are alot of dots but you can only take that image to a certain size before the dots start to have gaps between the dots and the image starts to look fuzzy.  Vector images take longer to make, alot longer, as many are drawn by hand into the computer but they are much more versatile.  Logos are often created this way as  it does’t matter what you use it for, it will be clear and sharp.  If you ever needed your logo on the side of a lorry for example, the pixel image just wouldn’t work!
I create and make logos and vector images on a commision basis but also have a small selection for sale online through royalty free websites. This image, and others can be found at

About lisabutlerart

Lisa Benson (was Butler - hence the name) is who I am and I create graphic design and original artwork. I started out as a portrait artist, more through demand than anything, and as graphics became more and more accessible it seemed natural to include that in what I do. View all posts by lisabutlerart

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